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Greatest Joy Doula, A Labor Support Provider

Community Support Page
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Welcome to the community support page!

The purpose of this page is to promote women's services, talents and works.
Please support our community of women by respecting others' beliefs and opinions, thank you.

       Visit New Women Books, 214 W. Meeker Street  Kent, WA
Wild Woman Gallery is located in the back of the shop and features a different woman artist each month. Judith can order books for you if they are not in stock. Fair prices, lots and lots of woman-made goods, great conversations, free tea!

"To the Queen of Heaven, the Goddess of the Universe, the One who walked in terrible Chaos and brought life by the Law of Love; And out of Chaos brought us harmony, and from Chaos Thou has led us by the hand.
                                                      -Babylon, Eighteenth to Seventh Centuries BC"*
*from When God Was a Woman, Stone, Merlin 1976, 1993
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Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association
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Lawrenceville, GA  30049
Toll Free: 1-888-548-3672
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Cathy Potter * Kent, Washington
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