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Greatest Joy Doula, A Labor Support Provider

About Me
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Prospective clients, especially the expectant mother,  want to know about me and the story behind a service such as mine.
On this page I will tell you about myself
 and what made me choose to become a doula.

My Story

My name is Cathy and I have four children. Two of which were hospital births, and two of which were home births with a midwife.

Each birth was different, and with some of my births I was lucky enough to have a supportive coach. Through my experiences as a birthing woman, and a birth attendant, I discovered the incredible value in the birth partner.

I have also been very fortunate to have been invited in to births as a home video film maker. Not only did I film the birth, I also was able to help the birthing mother through parts of her labor by gentle coaching, emotional support and physical support.

Because of my experiences and my respect and admiration of the birth process and birthing women, I decided that I wanted to help women to have the best birth experience possible. Our birthing experiences stay with us for a lifetime. This event is extremely important to women and their families, and it's important to me that I am able to help and to empower women and their families through their childbirth. It truly is one of life's greatest joys.

I feel that becoming a doula was a calling. Many doulas talk of feeling this way.

A bit more information for you; I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and have lived in California, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington. I live with my husband in Kent, WA and I enjoy cooking, studying, knitting, reading, writing, sewing, travel, and being a Mommy, as well as being 'The Keeper of Memories'. I'm also interested in film making and will someday love to write, film and produce documentarys and short films.

Please email me if you have any questions, or would like to get to know me better.


My mission statement

If you've navigated many doula-related web sites, you've probably come across the "questions to ask a doula" suggestions. One of those suggestions is, "What is your philosophy...."

Here it is;

I believe that the childbearing process is an extremely important time for women. It is a time of change, growth, empowerment and it makes a life long impact on the woman that is experiencing these changes. I'm commited to fostering a comfortable and workable relationship with the woman and her family, for the purpose of a desirable outcome. Happy mothers, happy babies, happy families.


Cathy Potter * Kent, Washington
copyright 2005 all rights reserved