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Greatest Joy Doula, A Labor Support Provider

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"Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face." - George Eliot aka. Mary Ann Evans (Victorian Era writer)

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This site is about my birth doula service.  I feel that every woman's positive birth experience is her own 'greatest joy', and that each birth is unique and individual, that each woman experiences birth in her own way. Every woman has her own needs, her own wishes, her own coping rituals. Each woman needs support and reassurances, in her own way. A birth experience is as individual as the woman experiencing it.

My goal as your doula is to provide you and your partner with the information, emotional support, physical comforts measures, and reassurance you'll need to have a safe and satisfying birth experience. I'll help you communicate with your Health Care Providers as needed, as well as work with any family members and/or friends that are present to support you. 

I provide my services to laboring women in hospitals, birth centers, and home births, and work with all Health Care Providers (such as OB/GYN, Midwives, General Family Practice Doctors, etc).                               

What is a doula (doo'-luh)?

"Doula" is a Greek word that means "woman's servant" or "woman in service to a woman".

Birth doulas provide continuous physical, emotional, informational and experiential support to the mother before, during and just after childbirth.


In layman's terms; doulas are sort of like a professional childbirth coach, except that doulas are much more...

The birth doula recognizes childbirth as a transformative life experience... her primary objective is to nurture and protect a woman's memory of her birth experience

She assists the woman and her family in preparing and carrying out their birth plans

What a doula can do for you; *

  • shorten first-time labor by an average of 2 hours
  • decrease the chance of cesarean section by 50%
  • decrease the need for pain medication
  • help your partner participate with confidence!
  • increase success in breast-feeding

*Please see my Quotes and Stats page for more information


"Cathy made the whole experience so much better for me and B. Thank you so much."
- T.L., a client
"Very supportive and helpful" - M.B., attending midwife
"Cathy went above and beyond the duty of support. She became my spiritual guide and shared her soul with me, overseeing my comfort during the most awesome, life altering experience of my life." - J.K., a client
"Nurturing, realistic, a true advocate"
 - A.S., attending midwife

I will be available 24 hours a day
for telephone support to my clients. 
You may find that you have questions,
or maybe you need reassurance.
I'll be there to listen, and answer questions.
I am happy to be available for my clients
and their needs during this very important and special
times in their lives.

"The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world"
-William Ross Wallace-


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Cathy Potter * Kent, Washington

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*Mothering the Mother, Klaus, Kennell, Klaus 1993

Cathy Potter * Kent, Washington
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